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Turn Your Dream Career into Reality

We are celebrating an incredible milestone this year as it is our 25th anniversary! It is 25 years of helping students fast-track to university and turning dream careers into reality while having fun on campus. At Sydney Institute of Business and Technology (SIBT), we offer diplomas in a variety of areas to help you find your path. But your education journey doesn’t end there. After you complete your diploma in 8 or 12 months, you can fast-track to the second year of your bachelor’s degree at Western Sydney University, Sydney City Campus (WSUSCC), which is ranked in the top 2% of universities worldwide!


Life With A Diploma

A diploma is a great way to get ahead and take your career to the next level, but what exactly do you do with your diploma once you are done? From Uni entry to job applications, there are so many doors open to you at the end of your study.

Diploma of Arts

Studying arts can help set up your future career as you gain extensive knowledge across a variety of areas. One thing we learned from COVID-19 is that we need to be adaptable and flexible, and an arts degree can help you do this in the real world. 

Diploma of IT

Tech skills are a must-have in the digital age. Every company has its own IT requirements, and today's IT professionals work across the broadest range of roles and sectors. As far as careers go, IT is about as exciting and open-ended as it gets.


SIBT Dazzles in QILT Results

The 2021 Quality Indicators for Learning and Teaching (QILT) survey results have been released, and the results are incredible! There is a lot of exciting information to cover, including the Student Experience Survey results, so let us dive right in.

The College Experience

Are you looking to start (or maybe you have already started!) your higher education journey and are wondering what this year will bring? Throughout this blog, we will be covering the experience that you will go through when studying at college. 

Your First Week at SIBT

Starting your higher education journey off at SIBT is such an exciting time. But you may have a few questions about your first week at SIBT. Do not fret, because we are here to help, and we have listed a few "do's" and "don'ts" before you come to campus. 


Places to Visit Around Sydney

With the long weekend coming up, you may be thinking about some places that you can visit in and around Sydney. We have compiled a list of fun places that you can go to so that you can make the most out of Sydney and its surrounding areas. 

The City Centre

With so much going on in the CBD, the city centre really is the place to be for university life. We are located in the heart of the Sydney CBD, so you will have easy access to events, entertainment, shopping, nightlife, restaurants and more!

Food Near Campus

If you are hungry, then we have great news, because we have plenty of food options available near campus. We tried out the different cuisines so that we can provide you with some recommendations!