Admission Requirements Australia or NZ

Minimum Admissions Requirements

Academic entry requirements for Australian and New Zealand citizens

Diploma program

SIBT requires you to have completed Australian year 12 (or equivalent) to qualify for entry into a Diploma program. An ATAR is not required. We will look at your overall results as well particular subject areas to determine the program you will be accepted into.

If you require some additional knowledge you may be offered some bridging units which can be completed in conjunction with your Diploma.

Foundation program - Standard

If you have completed Year 11 (with 3 passes), you will be eligible to study the Foundation Standard Program.

Foundation program - Extended

If you have completed Year 11 or equivalent, you will be eligible to study the Foundation Extended Program

ATARs are not used for admission to SIBT programs.  Applicants must demonstrate successful completion of Australian Year 12 or its international equivalent. Assessment is based on a 50% average over all the units undertaken in Year 12.  Students may wish to submit additional information (Statement of Purpose and/or resume with supporting evidence).

Applicants with Higher Education Study are those whose highest level of study since leaving secondary education is a higher education course, such as a university degree or university-level Diploma.

This includes applicants who have completed a higher education course, those who are currently studying a higher education course at another education provider and want to transfer to SIBT, or those who are currently studying a higher education course at SIBT but wish to change course.

Completion in part (minimum 4 units) or whole, of a higher education course will satisfy the broad academic requirements for entry into an SIBT Diploma; but separate evidence of English proficiency, and/or evidence of course-specific pre-requisites might also be required. 

Applicants must demonstrate successful completion of the VET course with a 50% or better average of all units completed;


Applicants must demonstrate partial completion of a VET course with a 50% or better average of all units attempted in combination with their completed Australian Year 12 or its international equivalent.

Applicants who don’t meet the academic requirements may be admitted to a Diploma program on the basis of demonstrable expertise and relevant work experience. SIBT provides an opportunity for alternative entry to students over 18 years to participate in higher education.

Applicants are required to provide information on work experience, including details of employer, length of employment, position held, and duties undertaken in the role. Work references and/or a statement from the employer substantiating the work claim may also be required.

Applicants may also submit any academic studies that have partaken in since leaving school. If domestic students are unable to demonstrate work experience, SIBT will accept the STAT (Special Tertiary Admissions Test) which is administered by UAC. 

Bridging Subjects for Diploma Programs

Bridging Subjects are offered to SIBT Diploma Australian students absolutely free… and you can still complete your Diploma in just one year!

Bridging subjects are available to you if you do not meet the direct entry requirements for the Diploma program. They are studied in addition to your Diploma subjects and are completed in your first semester.

To be successful at the SIBT Diploma you may need some assistance in certain areas. Our Admissions team will determine this when preparing your offer and where required will communicate the need for bridging subjects within your letter of offer.

Students will be required to study either one or two free Bridging Subjects in their first session at SIBT. Any additional subjects will be at you own expense. The bridging subjects will cover areas such as communications skills, computer skills and mathematic skills. Students will be advised of their assigned bridging subjects at enrolment.

Yes! You can complete the Bridging Subject(s) at the same time as enrolling in some subjects from your Diploma. We recommend that you take a reduced study-load in your first semester (i.e. 3 subjects or less) and schedule your study across all three sessions in the calendar year. This will increase your chances of success.

Interstate Applicants

There are no specific differences to students applying from NSW or other Australian states and territories. Please refer to the Admissions requirements for Australian and New Zealand students.

Domestic Applicants with Overseas Qualifications

All international qualifications are checked against the:

For the purposes of an application, a certified copy is one that is signed as sighted by the agent or a Justice of the Peace.  The agent must mark each page with their company stamp, date, name and signature.  A Justice of the Peace certification is not necessary if documents are certified by the agent.  Faxed/scanned agent certified copies are acceptable.  Direct applicants who have documents certified by a Justice of the Peace are not required to post the actual certified copies to SIBT.  The qualification will be assessed according to the SIBT International Admission requirements listed here