Preparing you for Success

At SIBT, we provide our students with an extremely supportive environment. We want you to be successful in your studies, settle into life in Sydney quickly, make lifelong friends and enjoy your time as you work to achieve your academic and career goals. 

Class Expectations

Your experience with teachers and staff in Australia may be a bit different to what you are used to. For example, you will be encouraged to ask questions and approach your teacher if you have any doubts. Your relationship here will be a bit more informal and casual.

At SIBT, you will be expected to:

  • Be punctual by attending your classes on time
  • Attend all your classes
  • Participate actively in group work
  • Participate in class discussions through listening, asking questions and contributing your thoughts
  • Complete work and assignments on time
  • Pay your tuition fees by the due date
  • Inform your teachers if you are ill or have a personal issue which prevents you from attending class


Exams are an important part of your studies at SIBT.

Your exams will usually take place towards the end of each session. You can view the academic calendar for the year here.

We can look at providing alternative exam options for you if you are unable to sit for your exams due to compelling or compassionate circumstances. 


There may new terminology that you are unaware of when you study at SIBT. We have collated the table below to help you understand the terms and acronyms which you may come across often.


Recognition of Prior Learning

Financial Census Date

The last day to withdraw from a unit without being financially penalised (fined)

Academic Census Date

the last day to withdraw from a unit without being academically penalised (fined)


Non-compulsory subject


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