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Mouth-Watering Food near Campus

Yummy, yummy, yummy, we got food in our tummies! One of the questions we get asked quite often is the food we have near our campus. Well, we have great news – we have plenty of food options available. But we thought we would go one step further and try out the different cuisines so that we can provide you with some recommendations. And to be honest, we are not complaining about the opportunity to try different foods!


If you head out towards the back of our campus onto Castlereagh Street, then you will have Noodles and Doodles towards your right and David’s Kitchen towards your left. Both offer a variety of options that can cater towards what you are feeling on the day. You can check out both places on the day as they are only a short walk apart. Our recommendation for a dish is to try the two or three choices, which is where you can get rice or noodles and have it with meat/vegetarian choices e.g. honey chicken, pork, satay chicken etc. In terms of price, you will be spending between $10-15 for these choices, and other meals will vary.


Mumbai Eatery is located directly behind the campus on Castlereagh Street. Similarly, to the Chinese options, they offer multiple choices for your meals including meat and vegetarian options. At the time of writing, some of their choices include butter chicken, aloo capsicum, and lamb korma. The price range is between $9-17. Masala Kitchen is nearby too in World Square and offers 2 curry choices with your rice, with prices being between $10-15. You can also choose naan instead of rice, but only 1 curry choice is allowed with your takeaway naan (2 curry choices with naan is permitted when dining in). They have a fusion menu called Bombay Chinese and a Nepalese menu, along with a variety of street food options.


You will see plenty of burger options around campus. There are two options that we love the most – Ogalo and Grill’d. Ogalo started as a family business and their Portuguese food has a ‘home’ style taste about it. We recommend including chilli into your sauce (you can have as much or as little as you would like) to give the sauce a bit of oomph. If burgers are not your thing, then definitely give their chickens on its own a shot. Grill’d – what can we say? This is one of the more popular burger franchises in Australia. They have vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free and all in options, so there is something for everyone! Best of all, the burgers are fresh and healthy. The choices of meat in your burgers include beef, chicken, lamb, and wagyu. You can also build your own or have some sliders, sides, or salads. Prices will depend on what you order, but you will generally be looking at $10-20. 


Japanese is one of our favourite cuisines. We chose two options as you may feel like something different on the day. For Sushi, definitely try Sushi Hub in World Square. You can take it to go and savour it while relaxing at Hyde Park. They have plenty of options and you know it is all fresh just based on the amount of people getting some sushi! You may spend between $5-15 for a decent serving of sushi. For ramen, check out Yasaka Ramen. They are one of the popular places to go to and is recommended by many from our team. They have everything you need for a great tasting ramen. Our favourite was the pork katsu ramen, but based on the feedback from our team, they are all fantastic. But note, the place does get very busy so be ready to wait for your food! Expect to pay between $15-25 for your ramen.


We chose our favourite Italian place near campus because it is our go-to for our team lunches. Macchiato Wood Fire Pizza and Coffee Roasters has so many delicious food options that you cannot go wrong with whatever you pick. They have all the dishes you expect from Italian restaurants, including pastas and pizzas, and there are a variety of mouth-watering entrees to go with it. Our pick? Try the Fettucine Al Ragu, that dish was next level! Expect to pay between $25-40 for your main meal at this restaurant.


If you are looking for the usual fast-food options, we have plenty around campus including McDonald’s (or Maccas, as said by Australians), KFC or Hungry Jacks. These fast-food restaurants are only about a 5 minute walk from campus, and they are all located near each other. Pricing is fairly cheap at these places compared to the other restaurants we have outlined in this blog. You can spend about $5-15 to eat a meal which will satisfy your hunger.

Get Your Tastebuds Dancing Near Campus

As you can see, there are plenty of eating options available. But these are only a few of our recommendations and we recommend exploring the Sydney CBD as there are so many other amazing restaurants to grab a bite at. For some unique options, you can try SkyFeast which is a buffet at the top of the Sydney Tower (where the restaurant level revolves in 360!) or Spice World (you would not believe us if we told you, so you will need to check this place out for yourself!).

We cannot wait for you to try the food around our campus as we are confident that you will love it!

Great food near campus

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