Complaints and Appeals

Complaints and Appeals

SIBT provides students with the right to lodge a complaint or appeal against a range of academic, non-academic, aspects of their educational experience and access to effective and just resolution processes.

SIBT’s Complaints and Appeals is a tiered system designed to be timely, impartial, confidential, free of charge, and includes the following stages:

  • Informal Complaint
  • Formal Complaint
  • Internal Appeal
  • External Appeal

You can lodge a complaint about:

  • Administration and services
  • Systems, processes, and facilities
  • Interactions with staff or other students
  • Health and safety on campus,
  • Provision and quality of offered programs offered
  • Content, design, and delivery of units and assessments
  • Feedback provided by a teaching staff
  • Assessment and exam results
  • Conferral of awards
  • International education agents
  • Bullying, discrimination, harassment victimisation, or vilification.

For matters relating to sexual harassment and sexual assault, please see here.

Internal or External Appeals

Dissatisfaction with the resolution of informal and formal complaints may be escalated to an internal or external appeal.

You can lodge an internal appeal against any SIBT decision relating to the dissatisfaction with the following matters:

  • Admissions
  • Refund and re-credit
  • Recognition of Prior Learning
  • Review of grade
  • Special consideration
  • Misconduct (academic or non-academic) penalty
  • Transfer between registered providers
  • Leave of absence, deferral, suspension of the enrolment
  • Cancellation or Intention to cancel the enrolment.

Before lodging a formal complaint or appeal, students may seek confidential, independent professional advice from an SIBT Student Learning Advisors and/or Student Counsellor. Please see contact details here.

Once we have received the Complaint/Appeal application and supporting documentation from you, the SIBT representative will assess your case and provide the outcome.

If there are grounds for appeal, your case will be considered by the Student Appeals Committee.

For further information, please refer to the Student Complaints and Appeals Policy here.