Prepare for Week One

Week 1 Preparation

There are a few things you should be aware of when preparing for Week 1, including enrolment, orientation, getting to campus, your classes and safety on campus. 

Enrolment and Timetable

With enrolment, it’s important that you enrol in your units (subjects) before the start of the session, so that you don't miss any important information. Also ensure that your timetable is complete. 


You should also make sure that you attend Orientation. Orientation is where you will get to meet your classmates, your teachers, and staff. It is a fun way to start your journey at SIBT. 

Getting to campus

Getting to campus is something you should also consider. Make sure to research the time you will need to get to campus and so that you have time to find your way around. Only consider the transport options you have available when getting to campus. Remember that it is better to be prepared rather than stressed! 


When attending class, you should have something that you can take notes with. Whether that is a notebook and pen, or a laptop or an alternative electronic device, you will be jotting down notes from week 1. Our campus also has wi-fi facilities so that you can make the most out of your education. Speaking of class, if you are attending online, make sure that you have the link readily available so that you can join. It is important that you are on time for your classes as you do not want to miss any important information early on!


When you are at campus, you will notice safety signs. These signs have been put into place for your safety. It is therefore important that you follow them to keep all students, teachers and staff safe on campus.