Corporate and academic governance

Corporate and academic governance

SIBT is a registered as a higher education provider under the tertiary education quality and standards Act 2011 (Registration PRV12046).

Sydney Institute of Business and Technology Pty Ltd trading as Sydney Institute of Business and Technology (SIBT) is :

UPA board/SIBT board of directors

The governing body of Sydney Institute of Business and Technology is the Navitas University Partnerships Australasia Board. The members are:

  • Bev Hudson (CEO, University Partnerships Australasia)
  • Emeritus Professor Dr Robyn Quin (Independent Member)
  • Mr Brett Hutchinson (Executive General Manager Finance UPA)
  • Emeritus Professor Ronald Oliver (Independent Chair)
  • Ms Leigh Pointon, Executive General Manager University Partnerships Australasia, Navitas

The Board oversees SIBT’s quality across all of its operations, including viability and sustainability, risk management, academic governance and leadership, complaints and grievances and compliance with the Higher Education Standards Framework.

Academic board

The SIBT Academic Board reports to the UPA / SIBT Board and includes external members:

  • Janet Frizzarin
  • Assoc. Professor Alphia Possamai-Inesedy
  • Professor Chris Auld
  • Dr Roger March

Senior management team

Morwenna Shahani

Executive General Manager

71336 – 9964 6536


Florian Staerk

College Director and Principal

71552 – 9964 6552

Bernadette Mackinnon

Director of Marketing and Admissions

77680 – 9397 7680       


John McGuire

Academic Director - Western Sydney University, Sydney City Campus

71227 – 9964 6527


Peta Bollen

Academic Director - SIBT

46410 – 9640 6410


Karen McMurray

Quality and Compliance Manager

71442 – 9964 6542


Anna Krajewska

Director of Student and Academic Services

77630 – 9397 7630

Jason Saba

Learning Technologies Manager

71444 – 9964 6544


Karen Gerges

Admissions Manager

8246 6808


Pru Wirth

Student Learning and Welfare Support Manager

9964 6559


Marc Stanislas

Student Administration Manager

9964 6517


Lorena Chivu

Academic Administration Manager

9397 7637


Jade Webb

Academic Administration Manager (Acting)

9397 7633

Program advisory committees

There are four Program Advisory Committees (Commerce and Business, Engineering and Technology, Communication and Arts and Foundation). These committees report into the Academic Board and provide discipline-specific program oversight, including continuous improvement of curriculum, assessment and delivery.

Examinations committee

The Examinations Committee considers and approves the final grades.

Academic working committee

The Academic Working Committee informs operational decision-making on the application of academic policies and academic misconduct.

Appeals committee

The Appeals Committee provides impartial consideration of academic and non-academic grievances and appeals.