Are you interested in studying at university, but don’t have the required qualifications to attend? That’s where our diplomas come in. Once you successfully complete an SIBT diploma in 8 or 12 months, you can progress straight to your second-year studies at Western Sydney University, Sydney City Campus. Our diplomas can also be used to upskill or to launch a new career, so that you can follow your dream career path.

We offer the following diploma courses:

Diploma of Business

A Diploma of Business provides you with skills in professional communication, management, finance, economics, and business law, whilst also developing broad transferrable personal skills that are essential to all contemporary business environments.


Diploma of Engineering

The Diploma of Engineering is your first step toward specialisations in Civil, Electrical and Mechanical engineering programs. With the skills you develop during your diploma studies at SIBT, you will be able to think logically, analyse problems and explore creative solutions to real world challenges.

Diploma of Information Technology

The Diploma of Information Technology is ideal for students wishing to pursue a career in IT. It provides a broad introduction to computer science, so you can pursue further studies in specialisations such as software design, information systems and web design. 

Diploma of Communication & Creative Industries

A Diploma of Communication & Creative Industries provides you with a broad view on national and global media and communication industries, cross-cultural communication, digital literacy skills, and creative storytelling, highlighting future career opportunities in a convergent digital media and creative world.