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Discover a Diploma of Arts

A few words that may come to mind when you first hear about ‘studying arts’ are paintings, artworks, and designs. But this is not what a Diploma of Arts is! When you study arts, you are gaining extensive knowledge in a wide variety of areas so that you can set up your future career. One thing we learned from COVID-19 is that we need to be adaptable and flexible, and an arts degree can help you do this in the real world. 

What will I learn with a Diploma of Arts?

Studying arts with us will be an experience like no other. We will teach you about linguistics, cultures, and criminality. From here, you can pursue further studies in arts, communications, or social science, or be able to start your dream career in a wide range of fields. 

A core area of your studies will be about communication which is an essential skill in many jobs. You will be learning about writing, researching, reasoning and argument. This will be supported with studies in ideas, society, culture, and media. You will then have the option to study some elective units including crime and criminality, language as communication, national and global media, and digital media principles.  

There are many practical skills that you can develop from studying a Diploma of Arts. These include teamwork, communication, problem-solving, critical thinking, ethical behaviour, creativity, and analytical skills. With a range of skills like these, who wouldn’t want to hire you!?

Progression to Western Sydney University, Sydney City Campus

After you have completed your arts diploma in 8 or 12 months, you can progress to the second year of your Bachelor of Social Science degree at Western Sydney University, Sydney City Campus (WSUSCC). The major is Criminology and Criminal Justice, where you will learn about crime and criminal justice. 

A few core units that you will study include society, community, social research, and people. If you are interested in detection, prevention, and correction, then this is the course for you.   

Future Career Prospects

Graduating with a diploma or a bachelor’s degree opens a range of careers for you. With a Diploma of Arts, you can progress to government positions (from local all the way to federal), policing, creative industries, or community programs, just to name a few. 

If you graduate with a bachelor’s degree, you can start a career in probation and parole, child protection, violence protection, police, and international law enforcement. 

Dr. Mingming Diao, Program Convenor for Arts, explained the wide range of career opportunities available to you if you graduated with an arts degree. “Depending on your interest, you can choose (a career) based on the program you study at SIBT and the appropriate degree at university. For example, in the future, you can work in education, psychology, or linguistics. You can work in a broad area.” 

The path towards your dream career

A Diploma of Arts builds the skills required for future success. Many roles and industries require you to have strong communication, creativity, and critical thinking skills, which you can develop through an arts diploma. This will help you become a strong decision-maker or leader in your future career. 

Discover a Diploma of Arts

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