Diploma of Media and Communication

Students will explore various public communication processes and industries, institutional settings of international communication, culture and its expression through media, in cultural, social and political contexts.

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Two or three semesters


February, June, October



Diploma of Media and Communication

The course can be completed over two or three semesters. It comprises of core (mandatory) and elective units. Students will study 8 units in total from the list below, 7 core units and 1 elective unit. The elective unit is dependent on articulation.

Core units

  • COMM101 Writing and Research for Arts and Communication
  • COMM104 Understanding International Communication
  • COMM105 Cross Cultural Communication
  • COMM106 National and Global Media
  • COMM150 Culture, Media and Communication
  • COMM107 Language as Communication
  • COMM108 Digital Media Principles

Choose 1 elective unit

  • ARTS101 Reasoning and Argument
  • ARTS103 Ideas and Society

(Units may change depending on articulation.)

Second year of your university degree

Western Sydney University

Bachelor of Communication (major in Journalism)

Bachelor of Communication (major in Public Relations)

Bachelor of Communication (major in Advertising)

*No GPA requirement for eligible SIBT students who have completed their diploma program.

Macquarie University (Students who have a packaged offer with Macquarie University). GPA

Bachelor of Arts


Bachelor of Arts (major in Media, Culture and Communication)


Bachelor of Arts (major in International Communication)


Bachelor of Arts (major in Criminology)


Bachelor of Arts - Media


Bachelor of Marketing and Media


  • There may be some variation to the program core and elective units.
  • GPA is the Grade Point Average required for transfer to university.
  • *GPA applies to domestic students only.

Employment and career paths

Advertising, arts policy and administration, audience research, diplomacy, government and industry administration, international communication, journalism, media production, public relations, publishing and editing.

Average starting salaries

Average national graduate starting salaries are:

Humanities: A$45,000

Languages: A$46,800

Performing/Visual Arts: A$40,000

(Latest data from Graduate Careers Australia)