Diploma of Engineering

Diploma of Engineering

The Diploma of Engineering is your first step toward specialisations in Civil, Electrical and Mechanical engineering programs. With the skills you develop during your diploma studies at SIBT, you will be able to think logically, analyse problems and explore creative solutions to real world challenges. Graduates of the Diploma of Engineering will be qualified to gain entry level engineering technician positions using the practical and communication skills which they have acquired whilst studying at SIBT. Graduates are also able to articulate into the second year of a Bachelor of Engineering.

Your direct pathway to University

2018 Fees

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Course fees




Two or three sessions


February, June, October



Course structure

The course can be completed over two or three sessions. It comprises of core (mandatory) and elective units. Students will study 8 units in total from the list below.

Core units

  • COMM103 Writing and Research for Science and Engineering
  • ITEC102 Introduction to Programming
  • MATH100 Mathematics A*
  • ENGN100 Fundamentals of Digital Technology and Design
  • MATH101 Mathematics B
  • ITEC103 Introduction to Software Design
  • ENGN101 Physics
  • ENGN150 Fundamentals of Engineering Studies

Units may change depending on articulation.


Note: Students are required undertake a Maths Readiness Test prior to finalising enrolment. The readiness test
will determine whether a student will study Foundations of Mathematics or Mathematics A in their first session.


Assumed knowledge

To meet the entry requirements for this diploma program, it is assumed you have completed Australian Year 12 mathematics
(or equivalent). If not, you may be required to study a bridging subject or support maths program.


Second year of your university degree
Western Sydney University, Sydney City Campus

Bachelor of Engineering Honours (Civil)

Bachelor of Engineering Honours (Electrical)

Bachelor of Engineering Honours (Mechanical)

Bachelor of Engineering Science (Civil)

Bachelor of Engineering Science (Electrical)

Bachelor of Engineering Science (Mechanical)


You must complete and pass the required eight units for your Diploma. Graduates who achieve an overall average of 50% (taking into account all units attempted) will gain entry into Western Sydney University, Sydney City Campus. Students who do not achieve this will be considered for entry on an individual basis.

Employment and career paths

Manufacturing, project and technology management, sales/service maintenance of technical equipment, energy conservation, electronics, sustainability, construction, water, electricity and infrastructure.

Average starting salaries

According to research conducted by Graduate Careers Australia (graduate careers.com.au) average national graduate starting salaries are:

  • Engineering: A$60,000

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