Associate Degree in Business

The Associate Degree in Business provides students who have completed an SIBT diploma with the skills and knowledge necessary to work in a business environment. During the associate degree you will gain a solid understanding of the fundamentals of business, including principles, practices, models, organisation structure, law and international business.

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Six semesters (two years)


February, June, October




The course is completed over four semesters. It comprises of core (mandatory) and elective units. Students will study 16 units in total from the list below depending on articulation.

Core first year units

  • COMM100 Writing and Research for Business and Commerce
  • ACTG102 Accounting for Business Management
  • BUSS150 Management Fundamentals
  • BUSS102 Market Microeconomic Principles
  • BUSS100 Human Resources Management
  • BUSS103 Principles of Marketing
  • ITEC101 Principles of Business Information Systems

Core second year units

  • ACTG200 Management Accounting
  • BUSS201 Introduction to Business Law
  • BUSS203 Organisation Structures and Models
  • BUSS204 Recruitment and Selection

Choose 5 of the following elective units, 4 of which must be second year level units

First year level units

  • ACTG103 Financial Theory and Techniques Management
  • MATH102 Introduction to Statistics
  • BUSS101 Market Macroeconomic Principles
  • ARTS101 Reasoning and Argument

Second year level units

  • BUSS200 Global Business Perspective
  • BUSS202 Marketing Demographics
  • BUSS206 Buyer Behaviours
  • BUSS205 Marketing Research
  • ACTG201 Investment Management

Employment and career paths

Business administration; banking; management; consulting; computing; financial management; marketing; recruitment and staff development.

Average starting salaries

Average national graduate starting salaries are:

Business: A$44,000
Accounting: A$45,000
Law: A$48,400
Economics: A$51,000

(Latest data from Graduate Careers Australia)