Frequently asked questions

Q : When can I start my studies at SIBT?

A : Students can commence their SIBT diploma program in February, June or October each year.

Q : How do I apply?

A : You can submit your application online to study at SIBT and Macquarie University, through the 'apply today' page or by downloading the SIBT application form

Along with your application form, you will need to submit your highest academic transcript and provide proof of English language proficiency. All documents need to be certified by a Justice of the Peace, an education agent or by an official in the Australian embassy. You can send in your documents by fax (+ 61 9850 6223) or by email (

Q : How long will it take to receive an offer from SIBT?

A : It will take approximately 24 - 48 hours to receive an offer from SIBT.

Q : What are the entry requirements for SIBT?

A : Entry requirements are country specific, and proof of English proficiency is also required for international students. For further details, see 'admission requirements' page.

Q : How do I pay?

A : Students can pay their SIBT tuition fees to the SIBT bank account, or they can send a bank cheque to SIBT, North Ryde. Please remember to include a copy of the bank deposit in an email to: Further payment details can be found on the 'fees & payment options' page.

Q : Can I pay by credit card?

A : Yes, you are able to pay by credit card if you come in person. If you cannot come in person, you can complete the relevant form and we can process the payment. Please note that paying by credit card incurs a 1.5% fee.

Q : What happens at orientation and do I need to attend?

A : Yes, you definitely need to attend orientation as this is the day you will enrol in your units. You will also meet SIBT staff members and learn about the many free services available to you as an SIBT student. There will also be a BBQ and campus tour and the chance to meet future friends in your mentor guided groups.

Q : Will I go directly into second year at Macquarie University once I finish the SIBT diploma?

A : Yes, you will advance into the second year of your relevant undergraduate degree program at Macquarie University once you have completed your diploma. Please note that some Macquarie degrees require specific grade point averages for entry.

Q : What is an advanced diploma and why would I study it?

A : The advanced diploma is an additional 4 units of study once you have finished the diploma, and is equivalent to the first semester of second year at Macquarie University. Once you complete the advanced diploma, you will go directly into the second semester of second year at Macquarie University. Students who finish their diploma in October usually continue with the advanced diploma at SIBT, as the next Macquarie intake is not until February.

Q : As an SIBT student, can I use Macquarie University facilities and join university programs?

A : Absolutely. As an SIBT student you are able to use all services and facilities at Macquarie University including the library and the sports and aquatic centre. You are also able to join all clubs and societies (or form your own) as soon as you start at SIBT. You are also able to enter the Global Leadership Program in the second semester of diploma.

Q : Can I fast track my diploma at SIBT, Macquarie City Campus?

A : Yes, the same flexible options apply for the SIBT diploma at Macquarie City Campus.

Q : Is the advanced diploma offered in the city?

A : No. The advanced diploma with SIBT is only offered at SIBT, Macquarie University.

Q : If I am doing my diploma at Macquarie City Campus, am I able to use the Macquarie University campus facilities?

A : Yes, SIBT students at Macquarie City Campus have access to all services and facilities at the North Ryde campus.

Q : If I graduate from the Certificate IV program at SIBT, Macquarie University, can I study my diploma in the city?

A : Yes. Certificate IV graduates may choose to complete their diploma program at either SIBT campus location. You will just need to choose City Campus units when enrolling in your diploma program if you prefer to study in the city.

Q : How and when do I transfer from SIBT into Macquarie University?

A : There will be information sessions at SIBT before you finish your diploma where you will receive instructions on how to apply to Macquarie online. There is a period over a few weeks that you will be able to apply online.

Q : Can I study my bachelor degree at Macquarie University or Macquarie City Campus when I finish my SIBT diploma?

A : Yes. The most popular Macquarie University degrees are available at Macquarie City Campus including the Bachelor of Business Administration, the Bachelor of Commerce - Professional Accounting, and the Bachelor of Arts in Media, Culture and Communications.