SIBT Sydney campus is a modern, purposely designed learning facility, providing students with academic spaces that encourage personal learning, an on-site library, technology labs, common room and independent learning areas.


SIBT Sydney campus has its own library on campus where students can borrow books, research, quietly study or use computer and printing facilities. It has all the resources to learn and prepare assessments. Librarians are available to assist with research and referencing.

Also available nearby is the world leading State Library of NSW which is only ten minutes walk from SIBT, and can be used for extended resources. There are also eight other libraries in the city that can be accessed for free.


There are four technology labs available to SIBT students, providing computer, internet and printing facilities. The campus is equipped with high-speed wireless internet, and many students choose to also use their own laptop.


SIBT Sydney campus has been purposely built to enhance personal learning. All lecture rooms have a maximum capacity of 50 students. The small class design allows for increased interaction with lecturers, encouraging conversation, questioning and group discussions, and ensures that each individuals’ classroom learning is maximised.

Tutorial rooms are smaller classrooms and hold a maximum of 20 students. Students use both types of study rooms each week.

Student spaces

Two independent learning areas are available on campus where students can meet friends, eat, relax or study quietly between classes. Facilities include a kitchen with microwave, TV, foosball table, and comfortable bean bags.