Coronavirus (COVID-19) - Latest Information





During the ongoing outbreak of the coronavirus (COVID-19), our priority continues to be the safety and wellbeing of our students and staff.

We encourage you to visit this page often for campus updates and how the current situation can impact your studies at SIBT.

If you are feeling unwell or have just arrived in Australia, please stay home and call the National Coronavirus Health Information Line on 1800 020 080, please follow the instructions provided.


General Information on Coronavirus (Covid-19)

The Department of Health continuously updates their website about the current status of COVID-19 in Australia and provides the general public with important information on how you can help to minimise the risk of exposure to yourself and others. We encourage you to continue to monitor this website.

Other Useful Resources:

Information about Your Studies and Campus

You will find frequently updated information on this page about your studies and we will also communicate to you via email. If you need any additional support or have any other questions, please email

For Current Students: 

Click here to download a copy of the Frequently Asked Questions for current students. 


Assessments, Exams, Grades and Assessments 

Please click here for changes to assessments, exams, grades and special considerations. 


General and campus related enquiries




Phone: +61 2 9964 6555

              Between the hours of 9am – 5pm (AEDT)

Please allow 24 – 48 hours for a reply.


Student Support

With learning moving online, Student Support Services have implemented a new online appointment booking system, where students are easily able to book their own online appointments with the support team.

We have also introduced video appointments so you can access our service from the comfort of your own home or any location convenient to you, including from overseas. The Student Support Services include:

  • General advice: Course advice and assistance with applications such as special consideration, reduced study load, break in studies (deferral), attendance.
  • Academic Study Support: Assistance with Academic Skills including essay and report writing, referencing, exam strategies, study planning and English Language Support.
  • Maths Support – assistance with maths and IT skills
  • Counselling, welfare or disability support
  • Under 18 student support

To book an appointment, visit

For Future Students:





What steps is SIBT taking to minimise the risk of students contracting COVID-19? 

We are closely monitoring updates from the Australian government. We have implemented the following measures to minimise the risk of spreading COVID-19: 


  • Ensuring classrooms and office areas are regularly cleaned.
  • Providing hand sanitiser for student and staff use in classrooms and office areas.
  • Promoting healthy hygiene practices throughout the campus and its classrooms via informative signage.

We are closely monitoring updates from the Federal and State Government and regularly communicating the latest advice to students and staff.  


In light of the Government recommendations, SIBT has started online delivery of all classes. While the campus is open for students to use the library on Level 8 (10am – 6pm, Monday – Friday), we have made changes to the campus operations: only Level 4 is open (8.30am - 6pm, Monday to Friday) and all our support and administration services have now moved online.  


Where can I find all the latest updates you have been sending me about COVID-19? 

We are constantly updating this FAQ document and will also communicate key updates to students via email. Please note that we will send email to your student email account so please keep an eye on your student email account regularly.  


Where can I find information about my health and well-being? 

We encourage you to visit the NSW Health Website for updates on the current COVID-19 updates and advice. The NSW Health website also provides information for general health and well-being.  


You can also visit the Headspace site for information on general wellbeing during this time 


If you would like to speak to a counsellor, please book an appointment. 


I would like to travel overseas, where can I find information about travel restrictions and advice? 

It is recommended that you do not travel during this time. For information about overseas travel restrictions and advice, please visit the Department of Home Affairs website or Smart Traveller website.  


For travel within NSW, please visit the Department of Roads and Maritime website 


I returned to my home country. Can I continue to study online?  

Yes, as long as you are committed to attend online classes at the correct time (Sydney time) and you have a stable internet connection and access to your SIBT email account and study materials. 


Where can I go for help?

If you have a general question, please email 


If you wish to speak to a Student Learning Advisor for study help or counsellor, please book an appointment online.


I do not wish to study online; can I defer or take a leave of absence?  

Yes. If you wish to take a Leave of Absence or defer your studies, please email  and we will assist you with your request.  


I cannot access my Moodle account from home, who should I contact?  

If you are having any issuing with accessing your Moodle account, please contact the iHelp team via phone: 02 9964 6518 between 8am and 8pm or email:  


Will final exams go ahead, and will I have to take my exams online?  

Exams are still scheduled to take place at the end of Session1. We will notify you closer to the time regarding the format of your exams, click here for changes to assessments, exams, grades and special considerations. 


What kind of support services are provided to students who are self-isolating in Sydney?  

If you are self-isolating, please notify Student Administration office as soon as possible. SIBT staff are available online if you need any assistance while self-isolating. Please email the Student Admin team 


How long will SIBT be teaching online? When can I return to campus?   

SIBT will be teaching online until Australian Government health advice allows us all to return to campus. We will notify you when this happens. 


I am studying online now (in a country other than China). If I fail online unit(s), is there a cost to repeat? 

Yes, you will need to repeat and pay for the failed unit(s).  


Is it true that treatment for COVID-19 is free of charge for international students in Australia? 

All Allianz Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) customers will be covered for COVID-19 related claims, irrespective of the terms of your policy. If you have Overseas Student Health Cover with a provider other than Allianz, please check with your provider. 


Will the SIBT Student Learning Advisors be available to speak with students


SIBT Student Learning Advisors are available online, book an appointment 


Will the SIBT Student Mentors be available to speak with students online? 

Unfortunately, Student Mentors will not be available to provide support at this time, however, the Admin team will be available to answer your questions.  


How are the classes taught? 

All classes are delivered online. If you have any issues you should contact your teachers.  


What if I have a practical or lab component? How will the online learning accommodate for study activities in lab? 

For all practical units, alternative assessments will be provided. The alternative assessments will be provided by SIBT. If unsure, please contact the relevant Program Convenor or Unit Coordinator. 


What should I do if I do not wish to continue studying online? 

If you are an international student, you could study online from your home country and possibly reduce your study load if you feel you are not coping. You need to speak to your Student Learning Advisor first to provide you with an individualised study plan. 


If you decide to defer your studies, you may not be able to stay in Australia. Please go to Department of Home Affairs for more information.  


If you are a domestic student, speak with your Program Convenor before making your decision. There may be ways we can support you to get through this trimester.  


What happens if I fail my online unit/s? 

If you fail a unit, you will need to repeat it in an upcoming session. 


How can the hands-on aspects of the course be done? e.g. Engineering  

Mostly there will be alternative assessments for these practical tasks.  


How can I access the SIBT Library? 

The Library is open on level 8 from 10am to 6pm, Monday to Friday.  


We encourage you to follow social distancing while you are on campus and also maintain good hygiene practices like washing your hands with soap often.  


Where can I find help with my study skills and assignments? 

The SIBT Student Learning Advisors are available online if you need any assistance. Book an appointment, visit 


I am struggling financially. What support is available? 

If you require further support such as accommodation, health, employment and legal, make an appointment with the SIBT Student Counsellor at


The Study NSW team may be able to assist you in accessing services in the community, and provide free and confidential information, support and practical help,  visit


Are there any social activities planned for this trimester? 

We have a wide range of fun, informal, online social activities run by various staff and students planned. We will offer virtual exercise and meditation options, chat groups, Mentor’s study sessions and yoga! Visit the SIBT Facebook page for more information. 


We also send you a weekly newsletter with latest information on social activities and some useful tips on keeping healthy and safe during this time 


I'm finding it hard to get motivated while studying online. What do you recommend I do? 

We’re here to help! We recommend getting involved in some of the online social events and chatting to a Student Learning Advisor about goal setting and planning a daily schedule.  


I've been personally affected by Covid-19 and need special consideration. What should I do? 

If you think you may not meet the requirements of your units due to COVID-19, please contact your Unit Coordinator (noted on your Unit Outline) for advice.  


If you have been affected by COVID-19 and you are feeling worried or anxious, please contact Student Support team and make an appointment online with counsellor.  


I have paid my tuition fees but cannot start or continue my studies due to the travel restrictions. Am I able to apply for a refund? 

If you are a new international student and wish to defer your course start date, any fees paid into your account will remain until you start your studies. If you want a refund, please contact we will discuss your options. 


If you are a continuing student and you are unable to continue your studies and are now on an approved leave of absence, your fees will be credited to the next session. If you want a refund, please contact we will discuss your options. 


If I can’t come to Australia due to COVID-19, how will my Overseas Student Health Cover be affected? 

If you have had to defer your studies due to COVID-19 and are already in Australia, you cannot suspend your policy. It is a student visa condition that you have a valid Overseas Student Health Cover. If you are yet to arrive in Australia, you can change the start date of your health insurance cover to then you arrive in Australia. 


If you have any additional questions, please contact