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University Pathways for Students Impacted by COVID-19

COVID-19 has impacted the education of many students around the world, with students worrying about their grades and getting into university. If this sounds like you, then worry no longer, as this blog will help ease your concerns.

Throughout this blog, we’ll cover the impact of COVID-19 on students, university pathways and why SIBT is the best place to start your tertiary education journey.

The Impact of COVID-19 on Students

2020-2021 may arguably be the most challenging years ever recorded for secondary year students. The worldwide COVID-19 pandemic interrupted studies like never before, with students being in and out of classrooms, missing in-person discussions and completing assessments and exams online.

The role of teachers also changed, which impacted the education of students. Teachers had to innovate as restrictions meant they couldn’t interact in-person with their students. One of these innovations was remote learning, which required students to adapt to a new teaching style.

We spoke with Jas, a current Year 12 student in Sydney, Australia, who is just one of thousands of students impacted by COVID-19.

“A large percentage of our usual learning was taken away. Our teachers weren’t always available for us on a daily basis compared to what we could have experienced with face-to-face learning”.

 University Pathway

After two years of disrupted studies, you may feel as though you’re not ready to go directly to university. The way that you’ve been taught, studied and socialised has changed, meaning that your preparation for tertiary education has been very different compared to previous high school graduates. Having a few extra months to prepare for a transition to university, without wasting time, could come in handy.

In addition, due to disrupted studies, we understand that you may not have been able to perform to your full potential in exams, which impacts your university entry chances.

We asked Jas about her future aspirations after high school, and she stated “we had a lack of knowledge in certain aspects for subjects. This could affect my exam results and my overall ATAR, and I don’t know if I’d be able to get into the uni degree I wanted”.

For students like Jas, a university pathway like completing a diploma can help make the transition from secondary education to university.

A university pathway is undertaken before a student enrols at a university. It’s designed to help students build their skills and knowledge through completing units, while also preparing them for a seamless transition to their university degree. The units studied align with the first-year units of a bachelor’s degree, but additional support is provided to ensure success. After the completion of a university pathway, students can fast-track directly to the second year of their bachelor’s degree. At SIBT, we have this option for you, and it could be the right place for you to start your tertiary education!

From SIBT to Western Sydney University, Sydney City Campus

At SIBT, we offer university pathways right in the heart of the Sydney CBD. By completing an SIBT diploma in 8-12 months, students like yourself can fast-track to the second year of their bachelor’s degree at Western Sydney University, Sydney City Campus.

Since 1997, over 25,000 of our students have progressed to university after completing one of our diplomas. Our high rates of graduates are due to the systems that we have in place to ensure student success, such as our student support.

With a smaller class structure, we can provide students with a customised learning approach tailored to an individual student’s needs, extra tuition classes and direct access to lecturers.

Domestic and international students struggling to reach their study goals are also offered additional assistance during their studies. Pru Wirth, Student Learning and Welfare Manager at SIBT, outlines the support that we can provide.

“The support we provide at SIBT is catered to each student’s needs. Our Student Counsellor and Student Learning Advisors work with students individually to understand what they need to help them succeed and achieve their goals, whether the issue is academic or of a personal nature. We also provide regular well-being and academic workshops that cover common concerns for students like maths skills, academic writing, and managing exam stress”.

The support at SIBT doesn’t end there. We believe in diversity and equality, with students coming in from all around the world but requiring different levels of assistance. Pru explains further about how SIBT caters its assistance to different student needs.

“We aim to ensure all students can participate in study on an equal basis, so if there are students with additional learning needs, a health condition or disability, we can discuss confidentially with them about the available additional support”.

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There’s been major disruptions to your studies due to factors outside your control. Completing a university pathway, however, can help you complete your bachelor’s degree and set up your dream career path. Not only will you be provided with an abundance of support, you will also be guided with a seamless transition into university life.

Your Pathway to University

Complete a university pathway in 8 or 12 months to progress to your bachelor’s degree and set up your dream career path.