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NEW Undergraduate Certificate programs have launched!

The new Sydney Institute of Business and Technology (SIBT) Undergraduate Certificates have been designed to help you explore undergraduate studies on your terms. In just four short units (one trimester), you’ll get all the foundational skills and knowledge that will immerse you in a new industry and open doors to entry-level job roles. 

Or, you can decide to put your credits toward your SIBT Diploma and go down the path of university study with a bachelor’s degree at Western Sydney University, Sydney City Campus. The choice is all yours. 

 What can I study?

Undergraduate Certificate in Business Essentials

A little business knowledge goes a long way. With a broad introduction to the areas of Marketing, Human Resources, Business Information Systems and Accounting, you’ll quickly be able to narrow down your interests or become the office all rounder. Maybe you’re a person whose strengths will soar in an HR role. Or perhaps you’re the analytical sort, who can find inner peace in a financial spreadsheet. You’ll soon find out. 

The SIBT Undergraduate Certificate in Business Essentials provides you with the foundations of a Diploma of Business Administration, so once you’ve found your niche, you may choose to continue with a bachelor’s degree in Business or Accounting at Western Sydney University, Sydney City Campus. 

Undergraduate Certificate in Digital Marketing

Digital shows no signs of slowing – in fact, quite the opposite! Studying an Undergraduate Certificate of Digital Marketing will equip you with a solid understanding of marketing and digital media as you work through Principles of Marketing, Culture, Media and Communication, Digital Media Principles and Business Information Systems. 

Use your new skills to start your career at a marketing agency, or drive your own brand and take over the world (and the ‘gram) with your unbridled creativity. Take it a step further by completing a Diploma of Business or Media and Communication at SIBT, and work your way toward a prestigious bachelor’s qualification. 

Undergraduate Certificate in Engineering

Engineering roles cover a wide reach, and by extension, a wide range of different skill sets and roles. Scientist, inventor, builder, designer – you name it. 

Explore the nuances of the engineering world with the Undergraduate Certificate in Engineering to find your path. You’ll gain essential knowledge in Foundations of Mathematics, Material Science and Engineering, Computing for Engineers and most importantly, writing and research for Science and Engineering. 

Once you’ve identified your area of interest, choose to further your studies with a Diploma of Engineering and go on to gain a specialisation in your chosen field. 

Undergraduate Certificate in Information Technology

Tech skills are a must-have in today’s workforce – and we don’t just mean knowing how to share your screen on Zoom. Take your love of devices and put it toward a fulfilling role in the IT industry, where employment steadily increases each year as new technologies are developed. 

The Undergraduate Certificate in Information Technology covers Digital Media Principles, Systems Design and Data Management, Principles of Business Information Systems, and an Introduction to Programming. 

Dive into an entry-level role or enhance your skills with the SIBT Diploma in Information and Technology before progressing to a Bachelor of Information Systems or Bachelor of Information and Communications Technology. 

Ready to get started?

At SIBT, we’re here to help you find your future direction; to explore what you want to do and become who you ultimately want to be. The new Undergraduate Certificates are a great way for you to get started on your journey sooner. 

Your Path to Success

Graduate in just 8 to 12 months with an SIBT Diploma to start your career, or progress to university for your bachelor's degree before hitting the workforce.