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Macquarie is Australia's number 1 modern university, offering internationally recognised and respected degrees. We are renowned for excellence in interdisciplinary research and teaching, our unique approach to learning, our highly skilled graduates, and our first-class facilities.

World-class degrees

  • Macquarie University equips you with a global mindset and an internationally respected degree.
  • All of our degrees have been developed with graduate outcomes in mind - they offer both specialisation and breadth of learning to ensure you explore your intellectual, social and creative capacity.
  • Studying at Macquarie helps you develop creative problem-solving and critical thinking skills - capabilities that will benefit you now and in the future.

An interdisciplinary approach

  • Macquarie pioneered interdisciplinary study - an approach that teaches you to think more broadly, to tackle the big questions in life and address the things that really matter to society.
  • This approach to learning - being able to think on your feet across problems - will give you a leading edge in any career path you choose.
  • Many of the world's greatest achievements and innovations have resulted from an interdisciplinary approach.

Real-world learning

  • We adopt a 'real-world' approach to learning, so our graduates are highly sought-after, and have starting salaries higher than the national average.
  • With a Macquarie education you don't just learn from textbooks, you learn from the practical application of your knowledge in real-life organisations and environments.
  • CEOs worldwide rank Macquarie among the world's top 100 universities for graduate recruitment.
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