Academic Merit Scholarship and Bursary

Academic Merit Scholarship


The SIBT Academic Merit Scholarship is awarded each semester to the most outstanding results from two students across Diploma or Advanced Diploma program at SIBT.


The scholarships are tuition fee waivers for one academic semester to the value of maximum four academic units.

Any additional costs, including travel or material such as books or equipment required as part of program will be recipient's responsibility.


Applicants must:

  • Be continuing (current) student, enrolled and studying towards a Navitas Diploma, Advanced Diploma;
  • Be currently studying full-time (three or four units);
  • Have achieved academic success in all units across their current program in the semester prior to being eligible for the scholarship;
  • Not have any outstanding fees on their student account;
  • Not have previously received a Navitas scholarship or bursary, or had a scholarship or bursary from Navitas withdrawn.


  • The scholarship applies to the second semester of enrolment. Students are liable to pay for any additional units undertaken.
  • Successful recipents will not receive any money from SIBT. The value of the scholarship will be recorded on the student's account during their second semester of study.
  • Scholarship recipients must maintain satisfactory academic progress through their second semester of study.
  • Scholarships are not transferable to other students or Navitas member institutes in any circumstances.
  • SIBT reserves the right not to award all or some of the scholarships in a given year.
  • Scholarships cannot be backdated.

Selection Criteria

The scholarship is based on academic performance (GPA) from the previous semester of study. If there are more than two candidates with the same GPA, the scholarship will refer back to marks awarded within each unit to ascertain the scholarship recipient.

At the beginning of each semester, the Academic Committee will identify the qualified candidates and they must meet the criteria for eligibility.

Notification of results

The Academic Committee will announce the recipients of the academic merit scholarship upon the completion of each semester and the release of the results. The recipients will be notified by mail and the successful students posted on the SIBT website.


The Academic Committee will provide the details of the potential scholarship winners to the College Director and Principal for approval.




The bursary is equivalent to 10% of tuition fee for the first attempt at units in the program of study (ie. Certificate, Diploma, Bachelor degree, Pre-Masters program/PQP or Masters degree with a Navitas member institution (excluding mixed English option) and is credited to the eligible student's tuition fee account each semester (the amount being relevant to the number of units undertaken in that semester).


  • Family Bursary applies where two or more students from the same family study at a Navitas institution.
  • The first family member can be studying at a Navitas Institution at the same time as the other family members or may have studied at any Navitas institution previously.
  • The family bursary is granted to the second and subsequent family members who study at a Navitas institution.
  • Not have previously received a Navitas scholarship or bursary, or had a scholarship or bursary from Navitas withdrawn.


For the purpose of this bursary, a family member is defined as a husband, wife, brother, sister, mother, father, son, daughter or stepchild.


  • Successful recipients will not receive any money from the Navitas member institution. The value of the bursary will be recorded on the student's account each semester of study.
  • The bursary does not apply to additional units or repeat units that may also be undertaken.
  • Navitas bursary is not applicable to English language program or any component of any English language program offered by Navitas member institutions.

Navitas member institutions

The Navitas family bursary and academic merit scholarships are offered to students studying at ACBT, ACN, AUSI, BCUIC, Curtin College, Curtin University Sydney, Curtin Singapore, CRIC, EIC, Eynesbury, FIC, HIC, ICM, ICP, ICRGU, ICWS, La Trobe Melbourne, LIBT, Macquarie City Campus, MIBT, MIBT Indonesia, NIC, PIBT, PUIC, QIBT, SAIBT, SIBT, UCIC, Navitas at UMass Boston, Navitas at UMass Dartmouth, Navitas at UMass Lowell, Navitas at WKU and Navitas at UNH only.

Application instructions

A completed application must be submitted to the Navitas institution together with supporting documents, such as birth certificate, or family card. Application form can be obtained from the Navitas institution where the student has enrolled.

All terms and conditions are subject to change without notice or at the discretion of the Navitas member institute or Navitas Ltd.

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