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Diploma of Commerce

A Diploma of Commerce will provide you with essential accounting knowledge and a comprehensive understanding of all business functions, strategy and skills. You'll study first year subjects in management, marketing, finance and accounting, preparing you to advance into second year of your undergraduate degree at Macquarie University.


  • Professional Accounting meets the tertiary accreditation requirements for all three professional accounting bodies in Australia.
  • Largest qualified accounting graduate provider in NSW; 568 bachelor of professional accounting students and 166 masters students graduated in April 2013.
  • Macquarie graduates are highly sought after by industry.


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Entry into 2nd year of

  • Bachelor of Commerce (GPA 1.5) (with majors in Accounting, Applied Econometrics, Business Demographics, Commercial Law, Economics, Finance, Human Resources, International Business, Marketing)
  • Bachelor of Economics
  • Bachelor of Commerce - Professional Accounting (GPA 1.5)
  • Bachelor of Applied Finance (GPA 2.25)
  • Bachelor of Actuarial Studies (GPA 3.2) plus MATH135 (high distinction) and ACST101 (credit)
  • Bachelor of Business Administration (GPA 2.0)
  • Bachelor of Arts


Core Units

  • ACBE100 Academic Communication in Business and Economics
  • ACCG100 Accounting 1A
  • ACST101 Techniques and Elements of Finance
  • BBA102 Principles of Management
  • ECON111 Microeconomic Principles
  • MKTG101 Marketing Fundamentals

Elective Units

  • ISYS100 IT and Society
  • ISYS104 Introduction to Business Information Systems
  • PHL137 Critical Thinking
  • MATH130 Mathematics 1E

Additional Units (where required for specific programs)

  • ACCG101 Accounting 1B
  • BBA111 Organisational Behaviour
  • ECON110 Macroeconomic Principles
  • HRM107 Introduction to Human Resources
  • MATH135 Mathematics 1A
  • STAT170 Introductory Statistics

Popular Careers

  • Accountant
  • Stock Broker
  • Banker
  • Manager
  • Insurer
  • Financial Planner
  • Economist
  • Marketer
  • Human Resources Manager

Tuition Fees

Year International Students Australian Students FEE-HELP


A$26,400 (A$3,300 per unit)

A$21,760 (or $2,720 per unit)

available for Australian students

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